Independent and with an eye for the big picture
Independent and
with an eye for
the big picture


The law firm Hartmannsberger Franke

Hartmannsberger Franke is an independent law firm with an eye for the big picture and for details. Our clients expect excellent, efficient advice from us, which on the one hand is geared to their entrepreneurial ideas and interests and on the other hand does not shy away from open words about legal limits.

Our top priority is to ensure that our clients are as successful as possible. We want to help them to fully exploit their potential. We must therefore always think about what can be done even better and more successfully. We therefore never think of the problem, but of the entrepreneurial idea and the possibility of how we can accompany our clients to their respective goals.

It is our claim to develop resilient solutions with high efficiency and distinctive technical understanding that make entrepreneurial sense. As strategic legal advisors, we are just as much in demand as creative contract designers, reliable companions in day-to-day business and reliable conflict solvers.